The Friends and Family Courses have two distinct advantages over our other offerings.  First, If you have a family, group, or two couples, this is the most economical way to achieve training to the Bareboat charter Certification level.  Second, because you control the participants, they turn out to be great family or small group vacations, creating memories that you will always cherish.

​We'll see you on the water!


Course Fees

.Course fees are dependent on the number of participants receiving certification and the number of days you wish to sail.  Smaller groups may be able to complete the course in three days, but we recommend four or five days if three or more participants will be receiving Bareboat Charter Certification.  For a complete discussion of the various programs and fees, click here.

Class Location

Classes will be conducted aboard Freedom, our Legend 37.5.  She is docked in slip B-2 of the Ludington Municipal Marina located at 404 West Filer Street in Downtown Ludington.

Friends and Family Vacation Courses

Three to Five Day Course

Providing Crew Training and Bareboat Charter Credentials

Northern Breezes now offers a unique instruction and certification program to meet the needs of family and friends interested in creating and sharing exciting sailing adventures.  We've designed the courses to be personalized for your family or group without compromising our high standards.  Here's how it works.

Many families have one or two members interested in being bareboat charter certified.  There may be one to four family members who would like to become familiar with the boat, and contribute as crew, but do not want to meet the standards of the bareboat skipper.  Often these are the very crew the prospective bareboat skipper will have on their own yacht, whether chartered or owned.  The one or two members who are going to become bareboat skippers in this course will be expected to meet all the standards of the American Sailing Association (ASA) for bareboat charter certification.  The crew will be taught on a personalized basis determined by age, interest and experience level.  The crew will accomplish many of skill sets and feel empowered as sailors.  They will be the best crew they can be in support of their skippers.

All prospective bareboat skippers should meet the prerequisite standard of the Basic Keelboat (ASA 101) course. Sailors with small boat and outboard motor experience often challenge this prerequisite with a written test followed by on-the-water instruction at a higher level.  Call us with your experience and we'll develope a plan of instruction geared for you.  

Crew may consist of up to four people with one prospective skipper, or as many a four prospective skippers.  We generally limit the size of friends and family groups to four, but families of five will work just fine.  The crew should be well briefed.  We leave it to the skipper to do this with a little help from us.

Accommodations are comfortable aboard out thirty-seven foot yacht.  Typically groups arrive in the evening before class begins and spend that night aboard.  You will need to bring you own bedding and towels.  You should pack your clothing and gear in soft-sided duffel bags.

Provisions are generally brought by you and your group.  However if this is a problem, we can provision the boat for you for a slight fee.  Obviously some coordination is necessary on this point.  There are several fine grocery stores nearby and you can reprovision during the class.  Please remember to include the Captain in you provisioning plans.

At the completion of this course, the skippers will have completed the standards for ASA 103 and ASA 104.  To review the standards for Basic Coastal Cruising, click here

To review the standards for Bareboat Charter Certification, click here.