Advanced Coast Cruising

ASA 105

Our Advanced Coastal Cruising course is one of our students' favorite courses , bringing together all that has been learned in prior courses.  This course involves extended offshore cruising, including night passages to distant ports.  For those planning to do extended cruising or long-distance racing, you will learn about maintaining watch schedules, food preparation under way, advanced navigation , crew overboard procedures at night and much more.

Course Outline

Prior to getting underway we will review safety orientation, boat systems, watch scheduling and nighttime navigation.

Day 1: Docking and getting underway, keeping watch, navigation, daytime approaches, seamanship,                      weather, daytime crew overboard drills.

Day 2: Navigation, emergency procedures, radar, sail shape, nighttime approaches, cruising spinnaker                (weather permitting).

Day 3: Heavy weather sailing, towing, emergency procedures, nighttime crew overboard recovery, review

           of materials, written exam.

All students will receive the Annapolis Book of Sailing.

Course Dates

We've scheduled two Advanced Coastal Cruising classes for 2018.  

Lud ACC1 will sail from Ludington to Wisconsin Aug 9-10.

Lud ACC2 will sail from Ludington to Wisconsin Aug 12-13.

If these dates don't work for you, please call us and we'll see if we can find a date that does work!

Course Fee

The course fee for this three-day liveaboard course is $745.  Because of the extended off-shore and night sailing, we need a minimum of four students to safely conduct this course.  Our cancellation policy is that we give full refunds if we receive a refund at least seven days prior to the start of class and a 50% refund for cancellations receive at least four days in advance.

​To get started with the registration process, please complete the information requested below or contact us.

School is in session!!

Tenacious off  Ludington harbor.  I did many Chicago to Mac races aboard this boat.  Great memories!


Our Location

Freedom is docked in slip B-2 at the Ludington Municipal Marina located at 404 West Filer Street in downtown Ludington..